Unschool Yourself

Success is broken and so is the so called path to it.

No one understands this better than the X and Y generations.

But identifying what to run from is not enough, we must also learn what to run toward.

Preparing our children and rehabilitating ourselves for for a truly great life and a better world defies the habits we were brainwashed to believe.

We must reprogram ourselves to thrive as our ancestors did for tens of thousands of years despite our slow feet, small teeth and furless bodies.

We must adopt an approach that works with the natural sequence and cycle of nature...

...an approach that was passed from generation to generation through rites of passage...

...until we abandoned tribal life and 'advanced' to the industrial age.

We choose not to perpetuate a broken success model on ourselves or our children, but we will struggle to transcend it until we 'unschool' ourselves first.

Vaikido is a Martial Art for Your Mind that brings back the no nonsense approach to accomplishment and growth that is as powerful and relevant today as it was 62,000 years ago.

WARNING: Vaikido will elevate your entire outlook on life, career, family, and our world.

Are you ready to leave the sheepwalkers?